Meet Our Summer Interns – Actual Size
Now that we’re officially 26 days into our Summer Internship program we thought it was appropriate to share an Actual Size summer update! We recently selected three new interns to join our team and we’ve asked them to take you through the journey of an Actual Size Summer. Riley McConnell, Nick Broujos and Zach Schafer will work together to share our day to day projects, some of our funny (or not so funny) personal stories and walk you through the day as they see it to be. So without further ado.. we’re pleased to introduce the team!
Riley McConnell​
Project Management Intern​

How Yinz doing? It is officially the start of my sixth week in the Actual Size office. I have eaten my fill of five Friday Morning Breakfasts, attended 26-morning meetings, and have only had to clean up after Pretzel once. Before I get ahead of myself and throw more numbers at you let me introduce myself, my name is Riley McConnell and I am one of the two project manager interns at Actual Size this summer. I grew up in Hermitage PA, and have worked for my family’s greenhouse since the day I could hold a flower pot. Come this fall I will be a junior at Penn State University and will be moving forward with my major in Marketing and my minors in Digital Media Trends & Analytics and Photography. There are a lot of PSU alumni in the office, so it’s nice being able to reference the Penn State Creamery or Old Main and have people instantly know what you’re talking about. It does make for some daily disputes with the other project manager intern, Nick, who unfortunately happens to be a Pitt student. We all let him have his fun, because it’s obvious who’s going to win the Pitt/Penn State game in September.

From the 26 days I’ve already spent in the Actual Size office I’ve learned the definition of a “dev site”, how to translate Elizabeth’s office lingo, and I’ve also learned to love Asana. You may be reading this blog and are not familiar with a few of the words that I mentioned or be confused as to why I’m cleaning up after a Pretzel, but stayed tuned. The other Actual Size interns and I will be posting on the blog throughout the summer and we’ll show you the ins and outs of our personal roles, what awesome client projects we’re working on, and even fill you in on… WHAT IS ASANA!

Nick Broujos​
Project Management Intern​

Hi! My name is Nick Broujos, and I am also a project manager intern. My tasks vary from managing Actual Size’s client communications, to accompanying my fellow co-workers to client meetings. However, I am not limited to solely office work. Every Tuesday and Thursday, you can find me strolling on Baum Boulevard taking the office puppy, Pretzel, on one of her multiple walks.

On a more personal note, I am about to be a senior Marketing major at the University of Pittsburgh, with a certificate in Sports Management (even though my current employers are Penn State alumni, I always make sure to wear some Pitt gear every once in a while to keep them honest). You can find me on any given day avidly cheering on my favorite Pittsburgh sports teams, and salivating over some delicious Chipotle or Bird on the Run for lunch. No lunch would be complete without the AS team gathered at our long table in front of the TV watching “Wife Swap”, cracking jokes back and forth to each other. Also my ping pong skills have shot through the roof thanks to my daily games with Riley.

So far, I have had a very enjoyable experience working at Actual Size, and I have learned a lot in a very short amount of time. Now, I am not a morning person by any means, but the supportive and upbeat culture here at AS has made it extremely easy to wake up every morning excited to work. The positivity in our work space is contagious, and it is almost impossible not to crack a smile walking in every day. I look forward to sharing with you my weekly adventures at AS, and the many different projects and tasks I get to help our wonderful team complete.

Zach Schafer​
Design Intern ​

My name is Zach Schafer, and I am a Graphic Design Intern at Actual Size. My tasks vary from project to project: Some days I am creating templates for a particular client, sometimes editing photos, while other days I am helping revise layout and crank out body content changes.

So far, I am truly enjoying my time at the office because everyone here is extremely supportive, understanding, and kind. They all truly do genuinely like each other, work well together as a team, and I am glad to be a part of all the fun we have here! I like the walks we take to grab lunch at Whole Foods or Bird-on-the-Run, watching “Wife Swap” on TV during our lunch breaks and petting/playing with Pretzel the office puppy! For my very first internship, I could not ask for a better environment like Actual Size where fun is made a priority. (And argued over who is more fun.)

On the job, I have learned an incredible amount of best practices and proper exporting techniques in the various Adobe programs from my intern supervisor, Eric Yeamans. From creating various batch processes in Photoshop to using InDesign “Find and Replace” tool to select and format large sums of body copy within InDesign in just a matter of seconds (Although it does take me a little bit more time to efficiently do this just yet! I am getting there though!) These professional practices really get the projects that I am assigned to moving much faster. On that note, my number one goal that I wish to attain at Actual Size is to become more efficient and develop a stronger sense of file management when working with a Design Firm in my future.

When an entire productive week is over at Actual Size, I enjoy biking and/or running on the weekends. I spend most of my downtime at the park or outside in someway and fill the rest of my weekend working as a Lead Sales Associate at my local Dollar General. Finally, I look forward to sharing my experience with you as the summer passes along every week!

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