Eric Yeamans – Actual Size
Eric Yeamans Eric Yeamans
Eric Yeamans
Director of Creative and Digital Operations

As a Penn State University graduate, Eric received a bachelor’s in graphic design. Coming from the Penn State Design program and having two Penn State Design generations above him, he could be considered a third generation designer. Eric is not a 9-5’er. He happily puts in extra hours and has the ability stay calm in the line of fire.

Eric is an active outdoorsman who likes to ride bikes and run. He occasionally spends time indoors hanging out with friends and whipping up new recipes.

One of his biggest accomplishments to date is working with the Steelers on their Media Guide, which is a very big undertaking. In addition, Eric worked with professor Larry Sommese on the final phases of his book, “Lanny Sommese: X-Ray Vision.”

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