The Bridge of Art and Community – Actual Size
The Bridge of Art and Community

As summer 2018 quickly approaches, outdoor opportunities in Pittsburgh start flowing in. Among the events is the annual Three Rivers Arts Festival. This weekend, in particular, we are proud to be a part of the Pittsburgh community, a city that values the importance of the arts. Thousands of people will take to the city streets to appreciate an array of exhibitions including art, music, creative activities, workshops, and performances.

Not only is the Festival providing the city with beautiful art and entertainment, but the curators of the event push other important agendas to keep our world beautiful. The Three Rivers Art Festival creates a surrounding for its visitors to be environmentally responsible. This 54-year-old Festival is a product of Pittsburgh’s desire to bring the community together and share and showcase art in all forms. It is a wonderful event to attend and we feel so lucky to be a business in a city that cares so much about art expression, community and creativity.

Photo credit: Brian Siewiorek

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