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Steelers Gameday

Connecting fans to the game

Part of the team for over a decade

Actual Size is proud to be part of the team that connects fans with one of the most storied franchises in sports, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Terrible Towel may be the universal accessory for all Steelers fans, but the Gameday Program is a must-have for any die-hard Steelers fan at home games. The Gameday magazine showcases feature articles as well as timely facts and statistics about the Steelers and the visiting team. Additionally, the program includes features on the Steelers’ history, fans, and the players’ involvement in the local community.

Change is inevitable, adaptation is essential.

Small changes can a make a big difference

Our goal every year is to refresh the look without stepping too far outside of the brand that has established itself as a cornerstone of the National Football League. Working with an organization with such a rich history provides the opportunity to showcase a wide range of information through design. The Gameday magazine has everything you need from the Steelers and opponents roster, depth chart and headshots to each teams season stats. Not only does the magazine touch on game specific information, but you also get a look behind the curtains with special features on players and coaches to a look back in the past to other Steelers greats. Whether we are laying out a feature on Head Coach Mike Tomlin or or color correcting a photo of the Equipment Manager no detail is left untouched.

Highlighting the players, focusing on the fans.