KYOTCs Winter – Actual Size
Over-The-Counter Medication Tips For Winter
KnowYourOTCs Social Media Campaign

Engaging new audiences

The Consumer Healthcare Products Association  (CHPA) is an advocacy group that focuses on bringing attention to self-care products like lip and skin care and over-the-counter pain medicine. CHPA was looking to broaden the reach of their “KnowYourOTCs” campaign beyond their current audience – parents of young children.

The challenge was 3-fold, we wanted to target adults and outdoor enthusiasts, connect the messaging to their product, and push out something timely.

The plan

We planned out 3 thematic animations around winter sports and activities to launch in tandem with the Winter Olympics. The Olympics has an engaged social media following and presented the perfect opportunity to spread the CHPA messaging. Each post focused on a different healthy tip for the winter months, and feature a different over-the-counter product.

Social Post 1
Treat Your Lips With Care

Lip Service
Everyone knows that they should keep lip balm with them in cold weather. To make this piece memorable, we wanted to create an exaggerated interpretation. So we crafted an extra large stick of lip balm, and a set of cracked lips and got to work.

Social Post 2
Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Let’s go skiing!
Most people don’t think about sunscreen when packing for a winter trip. So, the mission was clear. We pulled together a list of the ski trip staples and created a quick narrative to remind people of the importance of UV protection no matter what time of year. The team dusted off their equipment, brought it in and we got to work.

Social Post 3
Pain Medicine: Know Your Dose

Yard sale!
When you get a chance to fill the studio with fake snow, you take it. The snow was just the beginning. The final piece was all about bumps and bruises and the safe use of over the counter (OTC) pain medicine. We built out a scene, complete with fresh powder and then, well, we had a “Yard sale!”