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Solutions Not Sound Bites

Working with Boston University’s School of Journalism, we designed and developed an iPhone and Android app to follow the historic 2016 election. With the pace of the election, it was hard to know the candidates’ position on the issues facing our nation, and even harder for people to see beyond their party lines. Involvd aimed to change that.

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Viable or not viable, that is the question.

We designed an interface that masked the candidate and only displayed their position, users could rate the viability on its merits and not the candidate or party. We developed the app to allow users to dig deeper into an analysis of each position. The user can read “a deep dive” or watch a series of videos and then vote on the viability of the position.

If a user thinks that they have a more viable idea than the candidate’s position, they can upload it to the community. We built a ranking system that allows the user positions to be ranked alongside the candidates. If a solution stands out, users can share it with the candidates through social media.

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