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Teaching students how to spot fake news, before fake news was even a hashtag.

A new school subject is born.

The News Literacy Project (NLP) teaches junior high and high school students to use journalistic principles to separate fact from fiction in the digital age. NLP approached Actual Size to help them expand their classroom tool to be more interactive, give it a name, brand it and bring it to the web.

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Nearly 900,000 students and counting...

Designing a curriculum and tool that will keep students’ engaged.

When the average age of your users is 16 you have to work extra hard to keep their attention. We designed checkology with custom interactives, storylines, integrated Mozilla badging, a discussion area, points, a leaderboard and a Check Tool that allows students to evaluate news articles after they “graduate”. With nearly 900,000 users in the first year, it seems like it did the trick.

Students can earn points and badges for lessons they complete. Badges are integrated with Mozilla open badge standards, and admin users control how and when they are earned.

We couldn’t forget teachers.

Teachers aren’t short on functionality within checkology. They can add and manage their students, see their progress, download reports, and even send them assignments and reminders with the in-app message center. Reviewing student work was made easy by allowing teachers to create and store “quick feedback” for repeated use, complete with emoji.

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Admins have the power.

We developed a custom lesson builder and dashboard so the client can author, edit and reorder lessons, manage users, export usage statistics and send system-wide announcements. The badge creator allows admins to create new badges and add custom earning parameters. This dashboard serves as the central nervous system for Checkology.