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Now Hiring Digital Director

We are currently in search of a Digital Director. 

About the Role

We are looking for an experienced web developer to lead our growing digital department.

As the Digital Director at Actual Size, you will assume the senior leadership role for the digital and technical aspects of every project and product we produce.

You’ll manage and mentor a small team of in-house software developers, working to grow it over the coming year. Your days will be a healthy mix of hands-on development, managing your development team, collaborating with the creative director and their team, and collaborating with the project management team and our clients.

This is a director-level role, but we expect you to have delivered successful software projects on your own throughout your career. You will need to demonstrate both exceptional technical skill, broad based knowledge of the modern web software arena, and the ability to articulate ideas and motivate others to embrace your thinking. Creative collaboration is a key part of your role.

What you will do
– You will take ownership of digital projects, developing functional scope and architecture, and work with the project management team to create budgets, assign resources, track progress and facilitate project completion.
– You will design, plan, and implement new software projects from scratch, as well as support existing ones.
– You bring technology expertise to partner with creative and business, transforming ideas to reality.
– You will closely collaborate with other leadership, the creative team, and the project management team on a daily basis.
– You will participate in meetings with clients.
– You will hire and manage great people.
– You will showcase your creativity, innovation, and leadership skills.

During the first month
– Attend onboarding sessions and sit in on client meetings, internal handoffs, and strategy discussions to better understand our internal processes and learn about the company.
– Explore our various codebases to gain working knowledge about the sites and products we produce.
– Work with current developers to ship a small-scale project or feature.
– Participate in code reviews and tests.

Within 3 Months
– Lead the team to ship a small-scale project or feature.
– Begin to modernize some of our legacy projects.
– Establish a strong understanding of all of our sites and platforms.
– Hire one or more developers to continue to grow the development team.
– Lead code reviews.

Within 6-12 months
– Identify needs for short- and long-term growth in the team and company as a whole, and begin to act on them.
– Ship a number of small-scale or medium-scale projects and features.
– Ship a large-scale project.

What we are looking for
– You have the ability to estimate work and staffing, and strategize to satisfy client budgetary requirements
– You have experience managing a (small) team of developers.
– You have experience sourcing and hiring development talent.
– You have extensive experience with cutting-edge tools and frameworks for JavaScript and TypeScript, including React, Next.js, Gatsby, Tailwind, and Emotion.
– You have extensive experience with backend tooling and architecture like CI, GitHub Issues & PRs, AWS/GCP/DigitalOcean/Heroku, Vercel/Netlify, Postgres/MySQL.
– You are a positive leader & teacher — one that inspires creativity in code.
– You have a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves attitude and work ethic.
– You are skillful and professional in communicating with and influencing a wide range of internal and external stakeholders including leadership, employees, potential/existing customers, and vendors.
– You take great pride in the quality of your work and appreciate the art and elegance of well-written code.
– You have experience working closely with creatives to ensure designs are feasible and follow best-practices.
– You have a strong knowledge of UX paradigms and a passion for creating products that are thoughtful and easy to use.
– You keep up to date on modern tools, practices, and news in and around the web development world.
– You are diligent about writing thorough documentation.

You will be focusing on two major projects.




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