Calling Summer Interns – Actual Size
Calling Summer Interns

Summer Internship?

Summer 2019 is going to kick-off the right way, with some new talent in our office! We’re searching for a few interns this summer that are ready and willing to take a deep dive into some interesting new projects that we have on the docket.

This summer we’re looking for a Project Manager, Developer & Design intern to join our team and work with our different team members to learn, and fully submerge themselves into our client’s projects.

A few things we need to mention before you apply:

  • It’s cool to be a team player, yes we mean this. We “genuinely” like each other.
  • It’s nice when people have the ability to work out of their realm of knowledge; sometimes you’ll have to think like a designer when you’re a developer and vice versa.
    • Example: sometimes you might not know how to do “X,” but that shouldn’t infringe on your ability to do “Y”
  • Must like Bird on the Run Lil’ Chunky Chicken Sandwiches, Poke Bowls and/or Whole Foods Hot Food Bar*

*just kidding, maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Come on, be a team player

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