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Relaunched Auto Alliance website helps to simplify complex information

Actual Size recently launched a new website for its client, The Auto Alliance (Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers). This newly redesigned website offers rich visual elements with quick & easy access to essential information that was once hard to find.  In addition, it offers some unique features including state by state data, a search mechanism that allows users to see what others have searched for and real-time updates to give users timely information.

“The objective was to pare down the dispersed content of the previous site into a cohesive story showing the impact of the auto industry throughout the US,” said Joe Shumbat, lead designer. Shumbat added, “One of the other key challenges we were able to address was creating a completely responsive website for mobile.  We understand that most people, especially policymakers, need information on the go through their devices. We took a lot of time to ensure a properly executed design to accommodate those users.”

The website includes other features like dynamic PDF creation, a flexible content management system and concise navigation that captures major auto industry themes. Mary Kiernan, Actual Size president said, “We are confident the new Auto Alliance website will be a compelling platform for communicating information to their most important audiences. A key element of that is how data is displayed throughout the site in order to engage visitors and get critical points across quickly.”

Gloria Bergquist, Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs at The Auto Alliance added, “We are enthused about the new site. It is the most visible part of the Alliance, so having such a quality product reflects well on our members and makes us all feel great.”

“We will be working with Actual Size to evaluate the impact of the new website design and continue to evolve it in order to meet the needs of our stakeholders.”

Aside from programmatic issues, the website has addressed particular challenges concerning data specific to individual constituencies. The site’s “In Your State” section has the ability to break down auto sales and registration data as it relates to your state, or even your Congressional District. Data compared includes: sales of SUVs/CUVs, electric vehicles, trucks as well as the average cost and age of vehicle.

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