Mary Murphy Kiernan – Actual Size
Mary Murphy Kiernan Mary Murphy Kiernan
Mary Murphy Kiernan
Co-Founder, Director of Communications and Strategy

Mary has been working in issue advocacy, corporate communications, politics and government since 1990. She began her career working in an advertising agency then transitioned to Press Secretary and eventually Administrative Assistant for U.S. Congressman Ron Klink. Mary and her husband Bob founded Actual Size, and with her knowledge of policy and political experience, focused on issue advocacy and corporate communications. The ability to blend both an advocacy perspective and creative execution has become a cornerstone of the business.

She brings a unique appreciation of the tools necessary to develop a clear and consistent message. She knows that coordinating an effective communications strategy means understanding your audience and customizing your tactics to achieve your goals. Almost daily, social and digital media are changing the way people communicate, and Mary has a deep understanding of integrating new and traditional methods to identify opportunities for clients.

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