Bob Kiernan – Actual Size
Bob Kiernan Bob Kiernan
Bob Kiernan
Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

Bob has been in the communications business for more than 30 years. He’s worked for Bradley Brown and BD&E in Pittsburgh as well as Gibson Creative for 5 years in Washington D.C. He was educated at Penn State in graphic design. One of his favorite professional experiences was presenting designs in the basement office of The White House when he worked on materials for presidential candidate Al Gore. He remembers it like being on a movie set.

Optimism and discovery are two important words in Bob’s vocabulary. No matter what the project may be, he believes there is always something to take away from it. That every project can bring enthusiasm for learning something new about the process that can be applied to the next project.

He loves spending time with his sons and wife. Bob has also been concentrating on his passion for music. He owns a bunch of guitars and always on the lookout for just one more.

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