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5 Things You Are Not Doing With Social Media

Remember back in the day when you were in need of a service, what did you do?  If you were like me, you got out that nasty smelling phone book and search.  There was no ratings, no photos (unless it was the full page ad for the local pizza place), you just went off of the strength of the name.  Once in awhile, you’d call a couple places and actually have to talk to people, on the phone!

The past couple years with the rise of social media that has changed the way consumers really look at the business, especially millennials.  No longer do they have to pull out those dusty old phone books or make awkward phone calls.  Now they just go straight to Google, asking for the closest coffee shop or electricians or anything else they need.

Now consumers don’t even go off the name, instead, they browse their social media. Did they complete their Facebook Page, do they have photos, hours & reviews?  Do they post or just repost on Twitter? How many Instagram photos do they share a week?  Wait do they have Snapchat?

Now not only do you need to have an awesome business but now you need to have a great social media presence to share that awesome business.  As a business owner, you’re probably feeling a little lost.  Running a business is a more than just a full-time job, it is like twenty.  How do you have time to run a successful social media also?

Let us help you, here are a couple successful tips running a great social media channel for your business.

Complete your profile. A lot of business just signup for social media and forget to fill out the profile.  Yes, you need more than just a name.  All social media platforms ask for a short description of your business, make it short and to the point.  Remember a key description can really sell your business, also remember to proofread.

Add ways to contact your business.  That should be self-explanatory, but a lot of business forget to add a phone number and an email.  Don’t assume your customers will search again, they’ll just go on to the next business.  Also, double check the phone number and email!  Don’t assume that it works, make sure all the numbers and letters are there and click for yourself.  Lastly, remember to check your email! Not saying check your email around the clock, but putting your email out there means customers will email you.

Share good photos. Customers want to see what you’re selling, what you’ve worked on and what you’re up to.  Snap a photo or two or twenty!  When sharing on Facebook remember to add the photos to an album and a clear description of what’s in the photo.  Adding to Instagram, remember hashtags are key, research hashtags & what hashtags are trending.  Don’t share pixelated photos, oddly cropped photos you can tell someone’s missing and don’t share relevant photos to your business.

Post relevant content.  Just like the photo comment above, make sure when posting or sharing on any social media post relevant content to your business.  If you own a coffee shop share coffee articles and coffee related posts, not top ten travel tips.  Unless it’s Top 10 Places To Travel For The Best Coffee, but see it’s relevant content.

Actually Engage. You did all of the above, now you are starting getting to get followers, likes and comments what do you do?  You engage your customers!  Receive a follow on twitter, thank them for the follow.  You receive a comment on a post and/or photo like it and comment back.  Stay up to date, make sure you’re monitoring, again you don’t have to watch around the clock.  Make sure you thank your followers every couple months for helping support you and your business, people love being thanked.

Social media is growing, evolving and every month a new one emerges.  It can be a great tool to really help your business grow and emerge when used properly.  Good luck and we hope to like your next post!

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