Natural Gas Infographics

Natural Gas Infographics

American Gas Association
Pipeline Emissions Infographic
Unaccounted for Natural Gas Infographic
Abundant Domestic Energy Resource Infographic

The American Gas Association approached Actual Size to create a series of infographics based around some of their key areas of focus.

Since a lot of the terms and data could be a bit confusing, our main goal was to boil it down into simple visuals in bite-size chunks. In order to accurately convey the message in a clear and concise way, we had to understand the process ourselves. So we dove in head first.

The resulting infographics are clean and easy to understand for the audience, accurate and on-message from the client’s perspective.

One of the pieces on Unaccounted for Natural Gas was featured on The Energy Collective, a popular onlineĀ forum for commentary and analysis on energy and climate.

What We Did

  • Illustration
  • Infographics